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Lorde was the second independent boutique in the nation chosen to carry and perform facials with Omorovicza skincare and spa line.



Gold   – 1 hour, $195

The ultimate treatment to lift, firm, fill and relax. Enjoy the signature Hungarian facial massage of Omorovicza. Be infused with it's patented process to deliver the minerals and nutrients of the luxurious products naturally deep within the skin. Real gold is used to calm and firm, and provide lasting effects long after the facial itself. This is the most powerful anti aging treatment, which defies aging completely. 

Signature  –  1 hour, $130

 A classic luxury experience. Experience the Signature Hungarian facial massage of Omorovicza, to reveal a restored complexion. Pores are refined, fine and deep lines decreased, and complexion is supple and youth injected!

Express   –  45 minutes, $75

Out of time, but don't want your skin to look like it? This is for you. Enjoy an expedited version of The Signature Facial; to decrease fine lines, hydrate, and detox your complexion. The results of this facial will replace the appearance of a full night of sleep!




Eyebrow $25

Achieve the brows you were always meant to have, with a proper shaping. Based on your skin type, the right hair removal will be selected. We then will decide TOGETHER your optimal brow shape that reflects you. No surprises! You will get exactly what you want, and hoped for. Hard Wax, soft wax, and hand tweezing are all options to fit your needs.


Face $35

Is your billy goat gruff? Be smooth! Based on your skin type  the best option for your hair removal will be selected. Hard wax, soft wax, and hand tweezing are all options. An extra charge may apply for extensive hair removal.

Upper Lip $20

Lets stash the stache! Because your age should never show, based on your facial hair! Your skin type will be accessed, and the correct wax will be chosen for the sensitive upper lip. Hard wax, soft wax and hand tweezing are all options based on your needs.


The Lesson  $65

"I want my makeup to look good, but I'm unsure of where to start and stop!" Sound familiar? It all boils down to learning how to do it.

Be equipped with the best techniques, tools and colors to enhance your individual beauty. Let's take the fear out of the appearance of trying to hard; or having the apprehension of not knowing where and how to start. You'll be taught a fast and effective way to enhance your facial features.  Your face is a playground, meant to enjoy and play with. Let's put your best face forward!

The Event  $45

Enjoy a signature Lorde makeup application based on your style and desires. Choose from a variety of looks: The Date Night, The Office, The Workout, The Fresh Face, and the Game On Face. You will be indulged in a luxurious layering of skincare to anti age, prep and prime your complexion for optimal results, and longevity of wear. You will look flawless, effortless, and stunning for whatever and wherever your fabulous self may go. Now lets put your best face forward!

Simplify and organize  $30

Need to organize your beauty routine?

Are you sick of having makeup that you don't use? Everything is all jumbled together, and your routine isn't organized and efficient? Or do you just feel like you have the wrong stuff? 

Drop off your hoard of beauty products and allow me to sort, discard (of course, with your approval), organize and put together your beauty collection. Brushes, existing products and cosmetic bag will be cleaned and organized. You can drop it off, and pick it up when it's most convenient for you.