Lorde Beauty and Cosmetics

Skincare and Makeup. Powerfully fueled by Nature. Loving Products and Services that are Healthy for you and the Environment.

Clean Beauty

The Lorde Standard of Clean Beauty is the highest standard out there. Through constant research and up to date knowledge on what is TRULY natural, clean, safe and excellent, we are going beyond the staus quo of "green beauty". We believe in edcuating and delivering full transparency of ingredients in products and services to give you the best non toxic, natural and progressive options available.

"I have seen first hand as a makeup artist and esthetician, the harmful results of non- clean beauty. I saw clients, and myself react, become sensitized to, or even became sick from the beauty products and services on the market."

-Rachel Williams, Creator of Lorde 

There has never been more reports of sensitive and sensitized complexions then now. Here is a list of ingredients that I have seen first hand and also have discovered through research that are harmful, can disrupt hormones, are known carcinogens, and more.

These are ingredients that are never in any products or services at Lorde:

PEGS. Parabens. Phalates. BHTs. Sulphates. Synthetics. Dimethicone. Talc. Mineral Oil. Any Petrochemicals. Nano Particles. Formaldehyde. Preservatives. Toulene. 1,4 Dioxane. Triclosan. Petrolatum. Polyethylene. Silicones. Synthetic Fragrance. Synthetic Colors. Microbeads. Paraffin. DEA .

Ethical Beauty

At Lorde, we believe in total restoration. Restoration of each other, our communities, and environment.

That is why we give back a percentage of retail products sold to The Manessah Project, a local Anti Sex Trafficking facility that gives aid to victims of sex trafficking, and also educates and aids in preventing further sex trafficking in Michigan. 

We seek out opportunities through many local organizations to help individuals that have been marginalized or compromised. By offering free beauty workshops, services and products to those in need, we see restored self images of others through self care and beauty.

We are committed to providing the best in Vegan beauty options. 

No products we carry or services are ever tested on animals. We are 100% cruelty free. 

We house brands that  are inclusive for all skin colors, skin types, and skin tones. 

Sustainable Beauty

We recycle, repurpose, reduce water use, and use sustainable LED lighting in boutique and spa, striving toward minimizing any negative imprint to the environment that we can.

In addition to our best practices of sustainability  in house, we also are committed to carrying brands that give back and beyond to others through fair trade practices to laborers, and sustainable practices of sourcing and harvesting ingredients. Stewarding and protecting the very land that these blessed fountain of youth ingredients yield.