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The NEW Lorde Spa and Boutique is opening Fall 2017!

Rachel Williams


This is the loving description I called Lorde Beauty as I would welcome clients in and tuck them in prior to their Omorovicza facial with me.

A nest is a place of safety, comfort and growth. 

In less then two hundred square feet, less then two hundred followers on social media and in less then two years, Lorde has grown online and within the small spa suite, caring for clients worldwide.

I attribute the growth experienced to the very reason I started, and what I continue within my commitment to you.

"We were not given a spirit of fear. But one of power, love and understanding." 2 Timothy 1:7

From source to experience, everything I give to you is to the utmost highest quality, with greater accountability to clients, community, and to our environment.

The experience. The accountability. The love. 

My mission is to challenge the status quo in the beauty industry andequip you with the best and not the most in clean indie beauty. 

I do not believe a shopping or spa experience should embody fear, pressure, lack of understanding or what you truly love.

Your beauty is sacred. It is meant to understand deeper, in a more loving and powerful way without the compromise of ingredients, lifestyle or price or pressure.

Luxury is not a price. I believe it is an experience.

I strive to take the fear, the frustration out of every beauty experience, and replace and infuse it with beauty, power and love.

I believe small things are great things. I am committed to small, with experiences that are full, meaningful, progressive and valuable to you. I am determined to simplify, and reveal your beauty to you in new and exciting ways that are true to you.

So, when I scoured locations for the new Spa and Boutique, I had one thing in mind.

It had to be a sanctuary.  For you, my loves,  are walking and living sanctuaries!

You are worthy to be filled with rest, play, beauty and empowerment. 

I am thrilled to see the buildout has turned absolutely into the sanctuary I envisioned for you to experience.

Lorde is nestled in the trendy Uptown Business District within the artistic and eclectic Eastown.

With a beautiful little garden up front, and massive amounts of windows that burst forth so much light flooding the space. It is reflective of you, loves.

The nest continues, regardless of being a bigger space.

I can't wait to tuck you in for your facials soon, and introduce you to the Lorde Skincare Specialists and Makeup Artist that will pour so much love into you too!

Thank you for your continued support. It means so very much!

beauty, power and love always,