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Ooooh.... Oille is now at Lorde!

OilleRachel Williams

Oille [pronounced Oi-elle] is The new disruptive skincare brand you are going to hear a lot about!

Milk, Allure, and many more are singing the praises of the unusual skincare brand.

Refinery 29 has heralded Oille as the "coolest brand you have not heard of yet", and many more editors are flocking to cover this brand that is shaking up the essential oil industry.

Kirsten King, Creator and Clinical Aromatherapist has created a sexy and innovative essential oil based skincare brand that takes purity to a whole new level, by using GC/MS testing. By separating volatile compounds found in essential oils, a GC/MS test can scientifically prove if contaminants or diluetants are present. It out performs organic by diving deep into plant chemistry.

Kirsten believes and practices transparency and honesty, which as you all know, is everything to me. 

We aligned in our practices and philosophies, as my philosophy at Lorde is from source to experience, products and services are to be the utmost and highest quality with  a greater accountability to the client, communities and environment.

You could say Kirsten and I hit it off imediately for that reason alone!

She reached out, educating me in GC/MS testing. Her heart and mission showed me how her brand is plowing new ground in the beauty industry. 

GC/MS Technology,(GAS Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) produces the widest range of scientific analytical testing. It is the technology the essential oil industry does not want you to know about because it holds them accountable for authenticity. 

95% of essential oils are adulterated. Kirsten wanted to expose the truth, and offer truth in a bottle that actually and scientifically proves 100% purity in the essential oils she uses in her products.

This is the new organic.

Oille is the FIRST and ONLY essential oil based skincare brand that can truly claim 100% purity of the essential oils. 

Once Kirsten had me try her beautiful line, I fell in love instantly, which does not happen easily.

There are so many brands that reach out and have me try their products. Kirsten's line stood out, as do each and every gem I carry at Lorde. I only carry what I know is the best for you, without the need to have a million options to sift through. I am wholeheartedly committed to simplicity and excellence.

My first experience was with the Watermelon + Sea Salt Cleansing Milk.

My face absorbed the silky, subtly and wonderfully fragrant cleansing milk's hydrating benefits, and as I rinsed, my skin felt toned, firm, and any redness that thought about being there was gone! So refreshing!

Then I spritzed the Lemon Verbena + Green Tea facial mist, and followed with her Cranberry + Green Tea Firming Facial Serum. 

I imediately saw puffiness eliminated, and the finish was gorgeous.

Over a week of using all of her products, clients, friends, and my husband ( the real truth teller:) all commented on my glowing complexion, and that my skin looked even more amazing.

Kirsten has a way with the scents of her essential oil blends that are so delicately beautiful, it connects to a deeper place within your well being.

I am proud that Lorde is the first Spa Oille is offered in the entire nation, and the only retailer in Michigan! I am thrilled to partner with Kirsten to heal, educate and indulge your complexions!

I cannot wait to share more about this amazing line, and of my brave and brilliant new friend, Kirsten King.

The last time we chatted she excitedly shared a story of a certain editor of a major publication that smiled greatly and said "We have been waiting for someone like you. There is not a skincare brand that exists like this!"

Experience Oille now at Lorde! Come into the spa room, or shop it up on the website!