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African Botanics, Jenny Patinkin, Omorovicza, Veil, Lily Lolo, Me and the GirlsRachel Williams

I have worked over sixteen years in the industry, working with textures and mixing unexpected elements to deliver your best face forward. I also have committed to only carry very selective and best brands that enhance, progress and beautify your complexion safely, ethically, and healthfully.  

Going into summer, I have come up with some KILLAH combos to simplify your beauty, and effortlessly get you to your ultimate glowing complexion.

  • First up? BAR BELEZA. THAT FACE, THOSE MOSQUITO BITES AND YOUR KIDDOS SUN BURNED CHEEKS. Just trust me. This bar does it all. Removes makeup, hydrates, heals and recovers skin like no other. Plus it takes the itch out of mosquito bites!
  • Now onto the prettiest makeup. Mixing Lily Lolo BB Cream and African Botanics Neroli Infused Marula Oil.

This combo is HEAVEN! This gives the perfect dewy, but not to shiny skin enhancing evenness that is a good  to rock summer skin. The powerful combo of the Marula Oil, rich in antioxidants, the neroli to keep skin clear, and blend of pomegranate, sunflower, manuka and argan oil in the BB creams will be a great natural line of defense against the hot summer sun while you still get your much needed dose of vitamin D! Plus you still get traditional sun protection in the BB with some natural titanium dioxide. BONUS!

  • Use your middle finger.

What?! Yeah, but ONLY to apply your eyeshadow, loves! I have found that when dipping your middle finger into one of the beautiful shades of the Smoke and Mirror Pallette from Lily Lolo, you get the prettiest, sexy sheer amount of color that when pressed, falls perfectly on the lid and a bit above your natural crease. No brush required. I love to use just one shadow pressed all over, and then taking one of the lightest shades and popping it right under the brow bone, or in the center of the eyelid to add some light and subtle reflection.

  • Rim the inside of the eyes.

This totally makes that liner not smudge and fills in and connects the lashline to the lashes, making those lashes look thicker even without mascara. I love Lily Lolo Brown Vegan Eyeliner so I can put a bit in my brows to fill in too, and brush them to blend to the right intensity. Multi task! The brown surprisingly works on everyone because of it's rich pigment, you get to customize it perfectly.

  • Protect and recover that Bod.

African Botanica Firming body oil is crazy for treatment and post sun. The combo of African green rooibos tea, wild grown Marula Oil and grapeseed oil boast crazy results in helping that texture of the skin thanks to rich fatty acids to fight photoaging and help recover parched sun beaten skin that is breaking down and slackening:( (I am just calling it out!).


  • Keep those lips Un crusty

There is nothing sadder then to see crusty and dry summer lips. No amount of gloss or lipstick is going to cover that chapped flaky pout. Prevent and recover using Omorovicza Perfecting Lip Balm. To say myself and my Lorde clients are obsessed is an understatement. Once you try, you will know! If by chance your lips fell into the crusty category, mix a bit of Omorovicza lip balm with a 1/4 teaspoon ground coffee and rub in little circles on the lips to treat and exfoliate them. Rinse off and reapply that lip balm!

Last thing, rub a little of the Omorovicza lip balm between your fingers and pat on the upper cheekbones for a glow that is so summer sexy for day and night.

Signing off now, because I need an iced green tea on this hot day!