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Sappho New Paradigm Cosmetics is HERE.

SapphoRachel Williams

As a makeup artist and esthetician, I am constantly on the lookout for what is beyond trend, and is the future of what makeup and skincare should be. 

Sappho is This progressive, and blows my mind.

Makeup is empowering, JoAnn and I concurred on our first phone call.

It is no longer only a statement of what we choose of beauty, but also what we choose about our health.

It's our choice! That is freeing and empowering. We have a say in the ingredients we allow on our faces, in addition to our say of how we want to look and feel.

There has never been a more exciting time then now in cosmetics.

Sappho New Paradigm Cosmetics is completely vegan, consciously curated and completely clean.

The award winning natural and organic cosmetic brand was founded by the Emmy nominated makeup artist JoAnn Fowler and developed with experts in the field of clean, green beauty.

Created with the best in organic ingredients, infused with phytonutrients and tested by makeup artists, this line performs beautifully on sets, shoots, and on the everyday face!

The custom compacts are magnetic, recyclable, and sturdy where you build a color pallette worthy of your beautiful face and reflection of your style.

The concealers are originally what drew me to the line. They do not crease, look flawless with amazing coverage and do not look or feel heavy.

I am also committed to bringing in cosmetic lines that are inclusive to all skin tones. I am thrilled to say Sappho shines greatly here!

The entire line is EXQUISITE.

I am honored to be one of the first in the US to launch and house Sappho.

Come in an let us customize your pallette and blow you away with clean beauty with no limits.

I welcome all industry experts and artists to stock their kits with this amazing line.

From complexion, brushes, and color. We have you covered, but revealed with Sappho New Paradigm:)

I loved the first time JoAnn, Noemie, and I skyped.

I was making a plum and apple crisp, and kept checking in on the deliciousness as we chatted over all things beauty.

JoAnn's adorable pup laid happily on her lap cuddled in, as she spoke with such excitement, passion and expertise.

Noemie, a veteran in the fashion industry is also such a breath of fresh air, and so knowledgable. 

We three women are not about compromise, but compassion, care and truth.

I am so excited to share Sappho with you, loves. 

Yay! Let the light in!

The line was inspired by the great brave and feminist poet/songwriter, Sappho. 

One of my very favorite quote of Sappho is when she speaks of love.

Once again love drives me on, that loosener of limbs, bittersweet creature against which nothing can be done.

Beauty, power and love throughout,