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Breakouts:Why your toothpaste could be the problem.

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You have used every drying paste known out there.

You have followed the advice to put toothpaste on blemishes to dry them out. (NEVER DO THIS AGAIN!)

You have switched your diet, skincare, have even went on medication.

But the breakouts continue, and your face feels raw.

Sound familiar?

For years and years I followed those methods to kill breakouts.

But for some reason, those little bumps around my jawline and mouth continued.

They did not always turn into a full out breakout, but those little bumpse were always there, would multiply, and could flare up into a beast at any moment.

Then about a year ago I started researching the ingredients in toothpaste.

Since I am huge on researching, understanding, and educating others with clean cosmetics and non toxic living, I ventured outside of cosmetics into how clean my dental care really was.

I was astonished to find that the very toothpaste I had used for years was actually the culprit of these breakouts and was bad for my health!

The biggest reason was fluoride.

Fluoride is toxic.

For years we have been told not to swallow our toothpaste because it was bad for us, but what about the exposure to our complexions?

Think about it. You brush your teeth at least twice a day. Now, I am not crazy with it while I brush, but some does go around my mouth area as I am rinsing. Ok. Maybe foaming at the mouth too.

Multiply that over the years.

That is quite the accumulation of fluoride on the delicate complexion.

It is a known and proven fact that fluoride causes sensitivity to skin, and can cause little bumps and acne around the mouth, jawline, and even on the neck. The little bumps can stay little, or erupt into a bad breakout at any moment.

This happens when fluoride gets into your lymphatic system. It clogs and can come out as acne.

I saw report after report and research after research proving that fluoride indeed caused breakouts and sensitivity.

Even the FDA has it listed.

So I ventured on to exclude fluoride toothpaste toxicity from my dental care.

The results were imediate and astonishing.

My face cleared up.

The bumps were gone.

For YEARS I thought that I was dealing with hormonal acne, but it was actually my toothpaste causing the breakouts!

Here are a few brands I love that are non toxic and fluoride free:

  • Hello
  • Tom's
  • Dr. Sheffield's

Hello and Tom's also have great options for kids toothpaste too.

My daughter approves!

Now I know that there are still factors that may cause breakouts, so here is my advice to clear up blemishes fast....no drying paste ever!

  • Limit coffee and alcohol
  • Increase your water intake
  • Limit sugar, eat a medjool date!
  • Exercise take a walk in nature regularly to de-stress
  • Sleep
  • Increase all green foods, especially these: broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, spinach, swiss chard...THESE ARE RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS, VITAMIN A,C, and E, COLLAGEN PRODUCERS, FIRMS SKIN AND REDUCES INFLAMMATION.)
  • Be kind to yourself and others
  • Use Gressa Nourish Purifying Oil 

Gressa Nourish Purifying Oil is a healing, acne fighting formula that is lightweight and absorbs fast. 

You can use it as a spot treatment or all over to keep the entire face free and clear of breakouts.

The unique formula uses Immortelle, Rose Hip and Jojoba, Raspberry Seed Oils to decompress, bringing inflammation down, fades acne scarring, heals compromised skin from blemishes and kills bacteria from spreading.

This is a must have in my ritual and is for all my clients from tween beauties to mature beauties.

This works on everyone.

All skincare and makeup I house at Lorde fights inflammation, is completely clean and healthy for you, and improves all complexions, including sensitive skin.

Another word of wisdom. 

Resist picking, squeezing or using any scrub on breakouts.

Picking, scrubbing and squeezing breakouts spread infection, and also push bacteria further down, which will cause additional and future breakouts.

Try it!