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Lorde Beauty VIP Brunch Event Recap

Rachel Williams

The event I had dreamed for years to host, had finally happened! 

What an absolutely glorious time at the JW Marriott for the first Lorde Beauty VIP Brunch Event!

Everything sparkled, was bright and fresh and the Spring flowers blossoming. I arranged flowers the night before, and placed the swag bags for my guests in the many boxes throughout my foyer, as my daughter went from bloom to bloom smelling and smiling, buzzing with excitement for the party I was going to host. She knew I was about to host a beautiful event, and was happy to share in my excitement, as well as I.

The morning came fast, and I woke, as if I had had four cups of coffee. I was wired and bursting with excitement! My husband and I packed everything up and headed over to set up. I changed into a vintage Diane Von Furstenburg "green ninja star" dress, that a dear friend of mine had given to me years ago; saying she had worn it on many joy filled occasions and places, and wanted me to do the same within this dress. I could not have thought of a more appropriate dress to wear then this!

Jenny Patinkin arrived, shortly after my makeup artist team, and we all embraced, and spoke of this dream to what was now reality. Friends and clients came together, and truly admiredand supported the best in each other. We brunched on healthy fare; mimosas, salad kabobs, and the best home made yogurt with toppings, made in house at the JW and more! 

Jenny Patinkin spoke on her "Lazy Perfection" approach; and really showed great new ways to use her multi tasking brushes, and to truly use each angle of them for many things! She is amazing. Such a wealth of knowledge, joy, compassion, and truth. It was such an honor to have her with us! The perfect balance of learning and enjoying. There was an ease about beauty, and I saw each women embrace that ease of beauty and make it her own.

The doors opened and the makeup artist team took hands of women, and led them to the "playground of color" to experience the best for their complexions. Omorovicza skincare, Me and the Girls Bar Beleza, and Cate McNabb makeup all were applied, experienced, and loved by all, as the cosmetics were gracefully and gently placed with Jenny Patinkin's phenomenally soft and precise brushes. Bold eyes were tried, and glowing complexions emerged.  Smiles, laughter, and confidence radiated throughout. 

So many great memories made, and so many more to come. I am blessed beyond belief to have such supportive family, friends, clients and partners in business....all which have grown and encouraged Lorde Beauty to fruition.

Beauty, power, and love always!