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The Sacred Face

Rachel Williams

Could it be, that more matters to the soul, then how we treat our bodies, what we put in our minds?

Our face. Complexion…. Our smiles…the light in our eyes. The parting of our lips before we speak….

How do I see myself, and how do I relate to others? What do I communicate? What do I accept?

This happens on the very battleground we were born with…our face.

It’s where we learn what to enhance, downplay, enjoy or distaste. It’s where we are influenced by our culture both positively and negatively. I like to think of our faces as a playground. It’s meant to enjoy, play with, and experience new and wonderful things. It’s a loving and beautiful place to be.

It’s the first place that shows emotion, stress, and utter euphoria.

I once had a client years ago that I did makeup on. She had never looked into a mirror.  She was petite, with soft features and striking eyes. But she could not look at her face. She trusted my work was making her “appear as perfect as possible”, and that was enough. 

She had been abused, both physically and emotionally most of her life, and at one point could not look at her own reflection. 

I prayed for her silently, and then eventually audibly with her….that she would see the very reflection of 

Love itself….that she would discover her beauty, the very power that was within her from the start.

One day, over a year later, as I was gently concealing her under eye with a touch of brightness, she said very matter of factly “I would like a mirror.”

I could not believe what was just asked. I had come to accept that she did not want to see her reflection, and trusted my admiration and what I saw and my expertise as an artist…. But she was ready to see for herself.

I handed her the mirror, and tears began to stream down her face, and then mine. She touched her lips, her cheeks and then looked at me. “I love what I see.” 

I am a total hugger and I quickly embraced her, exclaiming “Yes!!!! Look at how bright your eyes are…Look! Admire! Stare at your beauty!!!!”

She walked away transformed. She walked away taller, confidant and with full acceptance of who she was, and what her beauty meant to her. The very reflection of Love itself, smiling back.