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Sweat Pretty

Rachel Williams

Health, fitness and beauty have always been intrinsic to my nature. Growing up in the pristine outdoors of Marquette, Michigan, forms of entertainment meant getting outside and being active.

Colors and textures throughout nature have always inspired me as a makeup artist, as well as my work as an esthetician. Committing to products and now carrying brands at Lorde that are natural, organic, and cruelty free, is of huge importance to me. Our bodies matter, and how we care for it, always will show up on our face!

Which leads me to sweating pretty.


I had always worn a bit of makeup to the gym. I remember in my twenties, going to a local YMCA and seeing a gal, named “Jazzy J”, rock her thick black eyeliner, pouty pink lips and rouged cheeks, as she bench pressed. It was a bit over the top for that era, but she looked gorgeous, and most importantly, I could tell SHE felt gorgeous.

At that time in the late nineties, we didn’t wear cute workout clothes, and especially not makeup! Umbro shorts and my oversized Hyper Color T shirt were the extent of it. But I couldn’t help but think, maybe she’s on to something…

We have now entered into a culture of “Athleisure” and super cute workout wear. Lulu Lemon, Fabletics and more…Amazing! We wear these workout clothes because we want to feel and look good in what we are in, while we are doing great things for our bodies….because our bodies matter, and in my opinion, so does our face.

I felt tired when I looked at my non concealed under eyes and pale cheeks. I ran harder, because I needed to see life in my face! “Jazzy J, you started to inspire me!!!” 

I went to” working out my face”. Trying skincare, the right amount of color, the right textures, and the products that would hold up through anything. I nailed down how to enhance the glow of the complexion, while keeping the skin healthy and breakout free during the workout itself and after.

After many inquiries, I started teaching tons of clients my workout makeup ways, and equipping them at Lorde.

The formula I figured was simple: Use a Mist on the face, a light moisturizer that detoxes and calms, define eyes subtly, and press something on the cheeks and lips that match the tone of your natural lip color. A detoxing cleanser after a hard workout, and then reapply the above. That’s it. It’s a 2 minute face max. The result is a bright, lifted and glowing complexion that isn’t looking over the top, but looks fresh. It’s also a look that is so easy to do, “non makeup wearing women” absolutely love how they look and are thrilled how easy it is to do. It’s a “go to” for during workout, and also after.

I remember doing a Spartan Race last spring, and the comment that kept surfacing my way, was not how I was getting through such a crazy obstacle race, but how was my eyeliner still on??? Yep. The makeup artist was working that cat eye, through the mud, and it stayed put.

Oh, let me indulge you to my secrets! 

I have started to do experiences in local workout studios to equip others with what I call “The Clean and Press”. It’s workout friendly makeup, or simply the fresh face look that works all the time!

Allegro Coaching Studio is hosting one this month on March 25 from 5:30-7! Yoga mats, wine and pro tips of beauty and products with me are happening! I cannot wait to equip my loves that come. A time to sweat pretty indeed.