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Spring Face

Rachel Williams

I must say, spring makeup is my fav. 

When makeup mimics the hyacinths, peonies, tulips and crocus’ blooming, I am ready to emulate it on your beautiful complexions!

Skin has never been more important, to rock out the sheer formulas and color options for spring, the dullness and dryness of winter must go! An express Peel with me or Signature facial, will get that skin vibrant and flawless; ready to accept and show stoppers of quiet but vibrant spring colors!

When colors melt into the perfect shade of rosiness; complimented by luminescent, subtly bronzed skin, the playing of options on the face are endless! From neutrals to brights, the eyes, lips and cheeks are ready for some fun action after a long winter of red lips, red cheeks from windburn, and pale skin!

My top go to’s for spring have been so very simple! Pressed in lips, or a bit of gloss. Layered textures of matte creamy shadows, with a glint of shimmer in the crease or layered over top. Skin looking on point, with the right balance of concealing but sheerness all over.

The eyes are sultry, but still doable for daytime. The eyebrows are well defined. Lips and cheeks match closely for that effortless cool look.

Come in to Lorde to experience the latest in spring color, and let’s nail your natural best look!