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The Manasseh Project update!!!

Rachel Williams

Hello my loves. I am so thrilled to share that Lorde was able to write a very sizable check to The Manasseh Project!!!

They were blown away. They had no idea beauty could bring such dividends, and were incredibly greatful.

Your prioritizing of where you shop has made a huge impact to fight sex trafficking through the Manasseh Project.

Our committment was to give 5% back on all retail sales until December 25th.

The out pouring of clients, old, and new, to new clients online too brought me to tears.

I had no idea how much we would be able to give, but knew that this had to be done.

From the pounding of my heart moment this initiative  set the pace of where Lorde Beauty is going now, and forever forward: to give as generously as we could... because together we could make all we do to restore our own image restore others, notably sex trafficked victims too.

I will say it again: When we feel beautiful, we do beautiful things. When we feel more powerful,  we do more powerful things. When we feel most loved, we do the most loving things.

Cheers to you all! For you have activly participated in living out beauty, power and love in a very significant way. 

Thank you, from the fullest part of my heart! You are each such a huge blessing to me, and to The Manasseh Project. xoxo!