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African BotanicsRachel Williams

African Botanics is here!

I am so thrilled to FINALLY find not just an amazing natural skincare line; but lets talk about the BODY!

 I know how frustrating it can be to work out hard and still see skin not look as smooth, firm, and anti cellulite as the amounts of squats should be delivering! Weight loss/weight gain, having babies, hard lifestyles, environment and more can contribute to the less then perfect and compromised skin on the body. 

Whether you work out or not, who doesn't want smoother, firmer and a healthier body?

So after much searching which seemed like forever; Magically, African Botanics contacted me months ago to give them a try and potentially add them to the gems of the lines I carry at Lorde. 

On initial contact, I was BLOWN AWAY! The stretch marks, firmness and cellulite decreased significantly! (My husband, much to my begging for his honesty, relented and also admitted he saw a difference too! Quickly followed with a " But I love your body, babe! It's perfect already!" Smart man:))

After continuing my commitment to a healthier body, not just how I fuel it, work it out, but how I care for it topically; I have seen AMAZING results! I cannot wait for you to experience this line!

So what started with a love of body products quickly made its way to my face too; and my face is also in love with African Botanics! 

I love Craig and Julia Noik's heart and their attention to integrity from source to experience is so very aligned with Lorde. Enjoy all! Your BODY and face will thank you! Check out the new products in the Lorde Shop!