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Baby Steps to Beauty

Rachel Williams

Here's why I support Sharon at Me and the Girls...

Sharon has taken care of critically ill and drug addicted newborns for many years. Prior to modern technology, we all bathed our tiniest premature babies in vitamin-rich vegetable oils to prevent dehydration and to promote healing.  

Sharon had the privilege of playing an active role in nurturing and facilitating the development of human skin, and that was amazing! The life cycle of skin comes full circle in that our skin becomes more sensitive and fragile with age and exposure to chemicals and harsh weather environments. We, especially those of us with aging, oil-prone, or sensitive skin, require more nourishing products similar to the vegetable oils that kept my own mother's skin so smooth and soft, and prevented my tiny patients from dehydrating. 

Hope Bags are distributed by Me & The Girls Alternative Skin Care LLC (meandthegirls.com).  It is thei social initiative that supports non-profit organizations that house and recover survivors who are rescued from human trafficking throughout the country.  They strive to make our most vulnerable women and girls feel Safe, Valuable and Beautiful during their difficult transition.

Me & the Girls uses their products to serve a higher purpose of facilitating social justice for all of humankind. They are dedicated to supporting women and children who are survivors of human trafficking, and other forms of sexual violence, through our Beneficial Organic Beauty model. Every Purchase Buys A Bag that will be filled with age appropriate emergency personal care products and goods distributed through non-profit organizations to survivors who are rescued with very little or nothing at all.