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Sappho New Paradigm Cosmetics is HERE.

SapphoRachel Williams

As a makeup artist and esthetician, I am constantly on the lookout for what is beyond trend, and is the future of what makeup and skincare should be. 

Sappho is that progressive and blew my mind.

Makeup is empowering, JoAnn and I concurred on our first phone call.

It is no longer only a statement of what we choose of beauty, but also what we choose about our health.

It's our choice! That is freeing and empowering. We have a say in the ingredients we allow on our faces. We have a say on how we want to look and feel.

There has never been a more exciting time then now in cosmetics.

Sappho New Paradigm Cosmetics is completely vegan, consciously curated and completely clean.

The award winning natural and organic cosmetic brand was founded by Emmy nominated makeup artist JoAnn Fowler and developed with experts in the filed of clean, green beauty.

Created with the best in organic ingredients, infused with phytonutrients and tested by makeup artists, this line performs beautifully on sets, shoots, and on the everyday face!

The custom compacts are magnetic, recyclable, and sturdy where you build a color pallette worthy of your beautiful face and reflect your style.

The concealers are originally what drew me to the line. They do not crease, look flawless with amazing coverage and do not look or feel heavy.

I am also committed to bringing in cosmetic lines that are inclusive to all skin tones. I am thrilled to say Sappho shines greatly here!

The entire line is EXQUISITE.

I am honored to be one of the first in the US to launch and house Sappho.

Come in an let us customize your pallette and blow you away with clean beauty with no limits.

I welcome all industry experts and artists to stock their kits with this amazing HD line.

From complexion, brushes and color. We have you covered, but revealed:)

I loved the first time JoAnn, Noemie and I skyped.

I was making a plum and apple crisp, and kept checking in on the deliciousness as we chatted over all things beauty.

JoAnn's adorable pup laid happily on her lap cuddled in, as she spoke with such excitement, passion and expertise.

Noemie, a veteran in the fashion industry is also such a breath of fresh air, and so knowledgable. 

We three women are not about compromise, but compassion, care and truth.

I am so excited to share Sappho with you, loves. 

Yay! Let the light in!

The line was inspired by the great brave and feminist poet/songwriter, Sappho. 

One of my very favorite quote of Sappho is when she speaks of love.

Once again love drives me on, that loosener of limbs, bittersweet creature against which nothing can be done.


Toxic Ingredients: Hey, dirty..baby, I got your number, don't you worry!

African Botanics, Gressa, Lily Lolo, Oille, OmoroviczaRachel Williams

In the sea of green beauty, clean beauty, natural beauty, it can be extremely confusing to what really is clean.

I thought it would be helpful to go through and breakdown why I do not include or allow certain ingredients at Lorde. 

I realize through my own research, how long it takes to sift through what all of these ingredients really mean.

I have done a lot of research, and will continue to do so. Here is my simplified reference of ingredients to understand more and be empowered with.

Once you read these, you will understand why I never will house anything under Lorde that contains these.

So let's dive into the dirty!



Breakouts:Why your toothpaste could be the problem.

Gressa, African Botanics, Jenny Patinkin, Lily Lolo, Oille, OmoroviczaRachel Williams

Fluoride is toxic. For years we have been told not to swallow our toothpaste because it was bad for us, but what about the exposure to our complexions?

Think about it. You brush your teeth at least twice a day.

Multiply that over the years.

That is quite the accumulation of fluoride on the delicate complexion.

It is a known and proven fact that fluoride causes sensitivity to skin, and can cause little bumps and acne around the mouth, jawline and even on the neck. The little bumps can stay little bumps, or erupt into a bad breakout at any moment.

Changing your toothpaste to an all natural formula will stop breakouts in there tracks.

The NEW Lorde Spa and Boutique is opening Fall 2017!

Rachel Williams


This is the loving description I called Lorde Beauty as I would welcome clients in and tuck them in prior to their Omorovicza facial with me.

A nest is a place of safety, comfort and growth. 

In less then two hundred square feet, less then two hundred followers on social media and in less then two years, Lorde has grown online and within the small spa suite, caring for clients worldwide.

Gressa Skin and Minimalist Makeup...now stocked at Lorde!

GressaRachel Williams

Minimalist, modern and thoroughly glamour soaked. Gressa Skin is the most innovative makeup line to date.

Sumptuous cream formulas that melt into skin and stay put, buildable bronzer, illuminator and foundation that improves skin and wears beautifully. All of this, and with fingertips...brushes optional. 

It's like going to a fab event where black tie is optional, and even though you may go more casual, your look is on point, looks polished, yet effortless. 

Trouble shooting advice for those end of summer skin freak outs!

OmoroviczaRachel Williams

The end of summer heat and humidity rises. a few more margaritas and s'mores around the fire happen. Days at the lake house wearing sunscreen and not much else on the face happens. Getting out of our usual rituals of self care can leave our face asking us "WHY DID YOU FORGET ABOUT ME??"

However, here is the thing. No ritual is meant to be the same every time. That would be a routine. A ritual is a practice you embrace that makes you feel beauty, power and love throughout. It can be simple, or more in depth. But listening to what you need right at this moment instead of what worked in the past, is the phantom element of a glowing and progressing complexion. Visit your lovely friend, your face, right now and love her. Care for her, and incorporate meaningful and wonderful elements to nourish your lovely face again.

So instead of stressing and beating yourself up over the wonderful gifts of summer, I give you the trouble shooting options to keep your skin clear, even and restored. (Go ahead, finish that s'more!)

Ooooh.... Oille is now at Lorde!

OilleRachel Williams

Oille. The new disruptive skincare brand you are going to hear a lot about!

Kirsten King, Creator and Clinical Aromatherapist has created a sexy and innovative essentail oil based skincare brand that takes purity to a whole new level, by using GC/MS testing. By separating volatile compounds found in essentail oils, a GC/MS test can scientifically prove if contaminants or diluetants are present. It out performs organic by diving deep into plant chemistry.

The Manasseh Project update!!!

Rachel Williams

Hello my loves. I am so thrilled to share that Lorde was able to write a very sizable check to The Manasseh Project!!!

They were blown away. They had no idea beauty could bring such dividends, and were incredibly greatful.

Your prioritizing of where you shop has made a huge impact to fight sex trafficking through the Manasseh Project.

Our committment was to give 5% back on all retail sales until December 25th.

The out pouring of clients, old, and new, to new clients online too brought me to tears.

I had no idea how much we would be able to give, but knew that this had to be done.

From the pounding of my heart moment this initiative  set the pace of where Lorde Beauty is going now, and forever forward: to give as generously as we could... because together we could make all we do to restore our own image restore others, notably sex trafficked victims too.

I will say it again: When we feel beautiful, we do beautiful things. When we feel more powerful,  we do more powerful things. When we feel most loved, we do the most loving things.

Cheers to you all! For you have activly participated in living out beauty, power and love in a very significant way. 

Thank you, from the fullest part of my heart! You are each such a huge blessing to me, and to The Manasseh Project. xoxo!


Lily Lolo Makeup has landed at Lorde!

Rachel Williams

The elite pioneer of natural, vegan, organic makeup from the UK has arrived! Introducing our latest gem added to the crown at Lorde....Lily Lolo!!

Our clients are loving the luxurious textures and gorgeous color options.

Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics is a luxurious 100% all natural makeup made in London that is now available in the US & Canada. Lily Lolo is the original Organic Mineral Makeup from Europe that has a huge following, and for good reason. This line is exquisite. Here is a little bit about Lily Lolo.

We are thrilled with their commitment to healthy, vegan friendly, cruelty free makeup that performs incredibly. A natural fit at Lorde.

 Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics is the brain child of the visionary Vikki Khan, who first fell in love with mineral makeup whilst travelling many moons ago. Vikki loved the coverage she could get from such a lightweight foundation, but sadly the search for the perfect brand was disappointing to say the least.

So throwing caution to the wind, Vikki founded Lily Lolo and the rest as they say is history. Today Lily Lolo is an award winning mineral cosmetics range found in selected beauty boutiques. It has achieved cult status by beautifully harmonising natural, chemical free ingredients with the ultimate in mineral based technology.

Every product is free from harsh chemicals, dyes and fillers and even has antibacterial properties to help improve the skin. Our foundations, powders and bronzers give women the flawless, airbrushed complexion they so badly crave. Whilst our vibrant eye shadows have the ultimate staying power and make the most of all your god given assets...

Give yourself the gift of effortlessly gorgeous skin!  Our promise to you is no nasties, no parabens, no synthetic dyes and definitely no nano-particles and of course – fabulous healthy products!

Holiday at Lorde....ooh,lala..celebrate and dazzle!

Rachel Williams

Sometimes it's not jingle bells in my mind, it's Madonna singing, "HOLIDAY"! 

Ahhh, the holidays.. A time of joy, a time of hope, and sometimes a time of stress.

Here at Lorde, we want to keep choices simple, by giving the best options only. We take the fear out of looking, trying, and achieving the best in beauty products and services.

Browse our shop to see our holiday picks; choices from $7 and up that will deliver the best present ever to those you love! Bring some beauty, power and love to someone this holiday and SHOP at Lorde! 

Free shipping on all US orders of $75 or more; and a beautiful, special extra gift to you for all orders online!

There are more products available at the spa room and boutique. Feel free to message us for a shopping experience, or ship something to you that you don't see!

Happy Holidays to you all! May there be less holiday hustle and more meaningful moments of beauty to share and give too.

#fightwithbeauty...Fighting Sex Trafficking with Lorde BEAUTY.

Rachel Williams


All holiday sales at Lorde Beauty, online and in boutique, until December 25, 2016 will give 5% toward Manassah Project; a local anti-sex trafficking center in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Why anti-sex trafficking? Because it is personal...

I am going to be very vulnerable and raw; knowing and trusting that pain can always be transformed into healed beauty. Here is my story, here is part of my song.

I know what it's like as a child to run into a perfect stranger's home, banging on their door to let me in, because a car full of grown men were following me on my way home from school shouting and advancing, viciously describing all the ways they were going to violently, sexually brutalize me.

I remember as a child escaping an advancement of sexual assault from a trusted piano teacher, running home with hot tears down my face of what he had attempted to do.

I know what it's like for men to jokingly say, "bend over, sweetheart, I want a look"...men who were my boss.

I know what it's like to be told I was ugly, and also that I was beautiful....told I should conceal and hide my body behind the piano at church because I was causing men to be distracted. I was lied to and told that the very body and face I was given held Shame.Fear. Helplessness. Confusion... but thankfully, I never believed the lie. 

I have always, and forever will, believe in TRUE and WHOLE BEAUTY. I know how self-care, enjoying the faces and bodies we were given, playing and caring how we decide to enhance, can truly change how we see and feel about ourselves, others and more.

 HOPE has always overwhelmed my soul. The hope and realization that this is not just my story, and my song, but I am, and we are a royal diadem in the hand of God. That this collectively is OUR story and our song as women, as girls. We are created to claim and pick up our crown that was knocked off our precious heads and pick it up, and protect each other. I escaped, recovered, and also healed from the attacks I experienced throughout my entire life. I choose to use my voice and the means I have through Lorde Beauty to stop the damages to both woman and girls precious self-image.

Human Trafficking is a form of modern day slavery which occurs everywhere, including Michigan. Over 3,000 cases since 2007 to be exact based on stats from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center. Females and minors are those most at risk, and have been identified with the highest ratio of victims.

Lorde Beauty is starting a new campaign: #fightwithbeauty.

As you know, Lorde Beauty's mission is to have greater accountability to our clients, our communities, and our environment.


Your purchases at Lorde are going to help and make a huge difference! You will not only enhance your beauty, but the beauty and restoration of others.

I appreciate all of you, and your commitment to living out Beauty, Power, and Love with me!

Here is a little more about the Manassah Project.

"We have been shown what is good and what is required: To do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly together with God." Micah 6:8

Let's fight this together with beauty and Shop Now





African BotanicsRachel Williams


I am so thrilled to FINALLY find not just an amazing natural skincare line; but lets talk about the BODY!

 I know how frusterating it can be to work out hard and still see skin not look as smooth, firm, and anti cellulite as the amounts of squats should be delivering! Weight loss/weight gain, having babies, hard lifestyles and more can contribute to the less then perfect skin on the body.



Big Thank You from The Sunset Rose Event!

EventsRachel Williams

The sold out Sunset Rose Makeup Event was unforgettable! I am so thankful to all involved: The Downtown Market, Sebastien Tardif, Ken Kelly, Amy Ruis, Kyleigh Daniels, Sarah Van Fetteren, Bridgette Force & The Lorde Makeup Team, and of course you, my beloved clients! A picture is worth a thousand words, so many great moments...

Lazy Perfection

Rachel Williams

Can we talk about how tiresome it can get, figuring out the right brushes to use? When, where and why??

Often times resorting to throwing them down, flustered and angrily blending our makeup with a weird sponge that should be tossed, and wiping makeup on with the fingers. Why does this happen? 

Well, it’s about having the right arsenal of tools. Brushes, baby….and not a million of them. I am talking about the multitasking miracle brushes, Jenny Patinkin Lazy Perfection Brushes.


 Jenny Patinkin, Lazy Perfection Brushes

Jenny Patinkin, Lazy Perfection Brushes

As most of you know, I already like to see what we can get away with not putting on the face, what products can multi task, and I have come up with techniques to expedite your beauty routines. I want you to enjoy spending time with your face, but still be efficient and realistic about your timeframe. Now when you have an EVENT, you can always come to me at Lorde, where you are indulged with a mini facial prior to makeup, and get the best EVENT look of your life in forty five minutes. But for you to do that every day to yourself would be unrealistic. 

Keeping it real

Jenny is simply amazing. She is a mother of three and a loving wife. Jenny is a working Celebrity Makeup Artist, and has created the best brushes on the market, which I happily and proudly carry. In addition to being a celebrity makeup artist, she is currently on air with Joyus.com, and is consistently asked for expert tips and tricks across all manner of media outlets. From digital, to print, and on camera. Oh yeah, and she just nailed a book deal with Running Press (Skinny Bitch, Seventeen Magazine and Marie Claire makeup books) to share her tips of The Lazy Perfection approach to beauty and life she created. The book is coming spring of 2017, and I cannot wait! She also is a founding member of Impact 100, a charitable organization in Chicago that give away grants to various Chicago non-profits and foundations annually.

Ok, back to the brush crush. The life changers for me have been the All Over Face Brush, Kitten Paw Brush (keeping the eyes looking meowvelous!), Domed Multi Blender Brush and the Brow Brush. These are game changers for the face. It allows the makeup to marry to the skin, giving the freshest non makeup appearing complexion every. The cut of the brushes, are brilliant in their ability to multi task and make a flawless application happen. Oh, do let me show you at Lorde!

I am thrilled to announce that Jenny is doing an appearance and presentation for my Lorde Beauty VIP Brunch at the JW Marriott April 30, 11-2. There you will learn from the expert herself, how to use her brushes to the max, as well as get individual interaction with the guru too. After the brunch, the doors open to reveal the “Play Stations” to experience the hottest and freshest spring makeup from the Pro Color team with Cate McNabb Cosmetics. Swag bags, exclusive color collections available at event only, including a gift from Jenny and Cate McNabb; and mimosas are just a taste of what’s to come from this proper, pretty and indulgent event. I am excited to have the twenty five of you, VIP clients, to pamper to the fullest, and invite you to experience and enjoy the best of your beauty. Cheers!